Friday, September 19, 2008

Li Gen (yaksha)

Li Gen is a character featured within the famed ancient Chinese novel ''Investiture of the Gods'' .

As a yaksha, Li Gen is the number one investigator under the Dragon King Ao Guang. In appearance, Li Gen is a lizard like creature with long mercury red hair, protruding fangs, and a face the color of indigo.

After the celestial being, had been washing himself within the Nine Curve River - which had upset Ao Guang's Crystal Palace to an abnormal extent - Li Gen would be sent out to investigate, as like he should. When Li Gen found Nezha and concluded that he would make a delicious meal for his master, he began to bark at Nezha for his actions. After being called a beast in an undermining way by Nezha, Li Gen's anger would burst, leading for him to charge at Nezha with his renowned steel trident. Instantly however, Li Gen would find himself dead upon the ground after being strucken by Nezha's legendary golden bracelet.

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