Friday, September 19, 2008

Li Jing (deity)

Li Jing , also known as the Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li is a figure in Chinese mythology and a god in Chinese folk religion. He is one of the Four Heavenly Kings. He also appears in the classic Chinese novels ''Journey to the West'' and ''Fengshen Yanyi'' . He is an analogue of Vaisravana.

Character history in ''Fengshen Yanyi''

Li Jing is renowned throughout the Shang Dynasty as a high ranking commander officer of the Old Pond Pass. His wife is Lady Yin, and he has three sons, Jinzha, , and . Throughout his past, Li Jing had studied under Superiorman Danger Skipper of Mount Kunlun, and had soon become a master of exceedingly fast underground travel . Thus, Li Jing gave a new name to the art of speed after being forced down to the Red Dust.

In time, Li Jing would have a third son by the name of , as destined by the heavens. However, Nezha would cause untold chaos and trouble in the future, such as that with the Eastern Sea Dragon King Ao Guang and Madam Rockie. Due to Nezha, Li Jing would almost need to give up his own life to Ao Guang if it weren't for the sacrifice of Nezha's body. Following the bitter luck attained with his third son, Li Jing would even burn the primary sacrificial temple that had been built as a container for Nezha's spirit following his death. However, such an action would only lead for Nezha to vow to kill his father. Following Nezha's return thanks to his master, Taiyi Zhenren, various servants would scutter to Li Jing's inner quarters and announce Nezha's return. After heading out and realizing that his third son indeed was standing before him, he would utter the words, "''You vermin! When you were my child, you caused untold calamities. Why do you reincarnate and disturb the peace?''" Thus, a major conflict between Li Jing and Nezha was about to unfold.

After battling off against the celestial being Nezha, he soon realized that his mortal body did not match 1 to 100 compared to that of Nezha's. Thus, Li Jing would run as fast as he could underground in a state of incredible fear for his life. In luck, Li Jing happened to run into his second son, . Following Muzha's defeat by Nezha's hands, Li Jing would try to commit suicide with his knife blade. Quickly appearing, Wenshu Guangfa Tianzun would rescue Li Jing's life and contain Nezha. In time, Nezha would be forced to submit fake harmony with his father after being restrained by another superiorman by the name of Randeng Daoren. To effectively constrain his son, Randeng Daoren would teach Li Jing how to use the golden tower art as to trap Nezha within a burning tower if opposed. Thus, following this point, Nezha would be forced to submit to Li Jing, or now better known as Li the Pagoda Bearer.

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