Friday, September 19, 2008

Welkin Lords

The Welkin Lords are a set of ten whale lords that later assist Grand Old Master in his campaign against Baby Tooth.

Welkin Lord Qin

Welkin Lord Qin is the wielder of the Heaven-Extinguishing Battle Formation. Following the beginning of the competition to break the ten battle formations, Lord Qin's formation would be the first. Lord Qin would start off by personally dueling against victim # 1 Deng Hua. After Qin had lead Deng Hua into his formation, Qin would wave two large flags before beheading Deng Hua in one quick sweep of his blade. Following this point, Broad Altruist would appear before Lord Qin and enter his formation. Within the formation, Broad Altruist would unleash his white lotus flowers upon Lord Qin. In the end, Qin would unfortunately be bound by Broad Altruist's rings before being beheaded.

Welkin Lord Zhou

Welkin Lord Zhou is the wielder of the Earth-Quaking Battle Formation. Following the defeat of Qin, Lord Zhou's formation would be chosen as the second within the competition. In short time, Lord Zhou would battle it out against the next chosen competitor, Lethal Dragon. After feinting defeat and fleeing into his formation, he would begin to wave his own flags profusely. Instantly, many bolts of lightning would strike down from the skies and turn Lethal Dragon into nothing more than a pile of powder. Thus, Alert Minded would be chosen to enter Zhou's formation. While within the formation, Alert Minded would envelop himself within a protective cloud to negate the lighting. While within this cloud, Lord Zhou would unknowingly be wrapped up by silken thread before being thrusted to the ground by Alert Minded's genie. The impact of Zhou's fall would effectively put an end to his life -- and that of his formation.

Welkin Lord Deng

Welkin Lord Deng is the wielder of the Howling Gale Battle Formation. Deng would be the third challenger within the 'Formation Competition'. The elder of the two Fang Brothers would be chosen as the competitor for Deng's formation. Unfortunately for Fang, he did not even realize the situation, and simply acted through his brute force rather than wit. Following a brief duel between Deng and Fang, Deng would retreat back into his formation. In a relative instant, the unfortunate Fang would be cut up into pieces by Deng's howling gales. This time, Mercy Voyager would be chosen as the second competitor. Unlike the unfortunate Fang, however, Voyager possessed the item needed to do away with the formation: the Wind Calming Pearl. Upon the entering of Deng's formation, the situation seemed truly hopeless - for Mercy Voyager's pearl negated all of his blows. Once the crystal vase of Voyager had been opened, Lord Deng, and his formation, would both be sucked up into the vase; this was the end of Deng and his formation.

Welkin Lord Yuan

Welkin Lord Yuan is the wielder of the Frozen-Glacier Battle Formation. Following the sudden death of Lord Deng, Yuan would quickly appear as the fourth challenger. Once Bad Tempered Tiger had been chosen as Yuan's competitor, a fierce duel would ensue. Before long, Bad Tempered Tiger would be led into the formation and immediately suffer death after being crushed by two large glaciers. Universal Converter would thus be chosen as the second competitor. Upon the entering of Yuan's formation, any glacier blow would be easily brushed off by Converter's golden light burning clouds. After Yuan realized that he was getting no where whatsoever, he would foolishly run; an action that would bring immediate death to Yuan.

Welkin Lady Luminous Glo

Welkin Lady Luminous Glo is the only Welkin Lady and wielder of the Golden-Light Battle Formation. Following the death of Lord Yuan, Luminous Glo would charge out atop her white flowered leopard and give battle. Following the arrival of Xiao Qin, a few brief contacts of both blades would be performed before retreat. Upon the entering of Glo's formation, Luminous Glo would quickly activate her twenty-one prisms to burn Xiao Qin's body into dust. Lamp Lighter would thus send Broad Achiever to do away with Luminous Glo. Once both had entered the formation, Luminous Glo would immediately unleash the potential of her prisms. Unfortunately for Luminous Glo however, Broad Achiever's cape had not only blocked her rays but also shattered the prisms themselves. After some time, Broad Achiever would throw a large rock at Luminous Glo's forehead - killing her instantly.

Welkin Lord Sun

Welkin Lord Sun is the wielder of the Blood-Curdling Battle Formation. In appearance, Lord Sun's face was the color of purple, wrinkled in fat, surrounded by a long white beard, and the shape of a large prune. Following the death of Lady Luminous Glo, Lord Sun would appear before Qiu Kun, his first competitor. After a brief duel, Qiu Kun would enter Lord Sun's formation. By merely throwing a handful of red sand into Qiu Kun's direction, Qiu Kun would instantly be reduced to nothing more than bloody shreds. Lamp Lighter would thus choose the great Superiorman Paragon would as the second competitor. Lord Sun's red sand, however, had no effect on Paragon . Indeed, Lord Sun would lose great confidence once he realized that his sand was nothing more than mere powder comparied to Paragon's technique. By merely clapping his hands, Paragon unleashed nine large fire dragons to burn Lord Sun to a bloody crisp.

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