Friday, September 19, 2008

Nangong Kuo (Western Zhou)

Nangong Kuo was an official of . According to ''Classic of History'', he was one of the key ministers of King Wen of Zhou.

Plot in ''Fengshen Yanyi''

Nangong Kuo was also a character featured within the famed ancient Chinese novel ''Fengshen Yanyi''. In this novel, Nangong Kuo is a renowned general that had loyally served under Ji Chang of Mount Singing Phoenix. Nangong generally seems to be more of an aggressive individual, and will rush to rather impulsive conclusions at times. Following the death of Ji Chang's first son, Bo Yi Kao, Nangong would swear eternal revenge against . Due to Nangong's continuous lust to attack Zhaoge at any possible moment, San Yisheng would develop a negative liking towards him.

Following King Wen's attack upon Tiger Town, the capital of Chong Houhu, Nangong would be the first to charge the gates of the capital. Once General Huang Yuanji stood before him, Nangong would loudly exert the words, "''Huang Yuanji, you small potato, get out of my way! I only want to fight the real Chong Houhu himself!''" With these words, Nangong, with his great knife, would cut Huang Yuanji down with relative ease. Later on following General Zhang Guifang's attack upon Phoenix City during the Huang Feihu retrieval arc, Nangong would duel it out against Vanguard Feng Lin. After defeating Feng with great ease, he would be captured by his magic technique; only later due to 's assistance would he be saved.

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