Friday, September 19, 2008

Su Quanzhong

Su Quanzhong is a character featured within the famed ancient Chinese novel ''Fengshen Yanyi''.

Su Quanzhong is the son of Su Hu, a neutrally high ranked official of the Shang Dynasty. In appearance, Su Quanzhong had a face like a full moon with red lips which seemed as if painted. With his hair tied behind his head with a large golden ring, two large bird feathers would be seen protruding. Following the coalition against Su Hu led by Chong Houhu, Su would be known as a renowned protector of Ji province. Once Chong had arrived at the borders to Ji province and unleashed his right hand general, Mei Wu, Su would spur his horse forward and duel it out with him. Following twenty rounds of spear clashes, Su would find an opening and cut Mei Wu down. Following Chong's second retreat during the night from the burning forest, Su would descend down the mountaintop upon Chong while shining through the full moon's light.

During his charge, he would elaborate his prowess by striking down both of Chong's head generals and even wounding Chong through his left arm. Once the moon was blotted out by the clouds and Chong retreated for the third time, Su found the situation as being too dangerous and decided it best to head back to his father. In time, the great Chong Heihu came as support for Chong Houhu. Soon enough, Su, even when told not to by his father, would charge out of Ji province and duel it out against Heihu. During their battle, their spears clashed like lightning through darkness-stricken clouds. In time, Heihu would unleash his magical gourd and capture Su. Following the end of the Su Hu arc, Su Quanzhong would pay his respect towards the first man who ever defeated him, Heihu, and continued to prosper with his respected father.

Su Quanzhong was appointed as the deity in Beidou Xinggong in the end.

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