Friday, September 19, 2008

Lu Xiong

Lu Xiong is a meager character featured within the famed ancient Chinese novel ''Fengshen Yanyi''.

Lu Xiong is a renowned commanding general that had served under the Shang Dynasty for many years. At the time of the Su Hu arc, Lu would be inform the king that it would not be best to send Chong Houhu as the coalition leader, for many lives will be taken away in an unnecessary fashion. Thus, Lu Xiong would tell the king to give the Imperial Battle Axe to Ji Chang.

During the Queen Jiang arc, Lu would be chosen as the head guard of the Nine Dragon Bridge while King Zhou headed out to the Demarcation Building. During the time of Jiang Huan's personal attack upon the king, Lu would not seem to remember anything of such the following day.

Lu Xiong was appointed as the deity of Shuide Star in the end.

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