Friday, September 19, 2008

Wu Ji

Wu Ji is a character featured within the famed ancient Chinese novel ''Investiture of the Gods'' .

Wu Ji is a common woodcutter that spends each of his days cutting down wood within the Western Foothills. Every day however, Wu Ji would happen to notice Jiang Ziya sitting beneath a large willow tree while fishing baitless. Due to this, Wu Ji would sit by Jiang Ziya at a certain point in time and ask his name. At first, Wu Ji would laugh at Jiang, because his by-name had been Flying Bear, but only high ranking officials or learned individuals should be in the possession of a by-name. Soon enough after Wu Ji seemingly mocks Jiang in a more subtle way, Jiang would tell Wu Ji that he will kill a person today. With anger at being cursed, Wu Ji would take his leave.

However, later throughout the same day, Wu Ji would return to Jiang Ziya while pleading for his help -- for he had indeed killed an invidividual by accident. Soon enough, Jiang would manage to assist Wu Ji after he vowed to be his disciple. Later on following the arrival of Ji Chang's entourage at River Pan, Wu Ji would be shown and would lead Ji Chang to his master's house. Following the employment of Jiang Ziya as Prime Minister under Ji Chang, Wu Ji would attain the rank of general.

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