Friday, September 19, 2008

Song Yiren

Song Yiren is a character featured within the famed ancient Chinese novel ''Investiture of the Gods''.

Song Yiren is known as the greatest friend of Jiang Ziya since their childhood. Song would quickly be renowned for his very rich farming ranch - which had been stationed near the capital of Zhaoge - and his overall generosity to his fellow people. At the time in which Jiang had been a poor orphan, Song made sure that his new friend would be fully treated and taken care of.

After Song met his friend once again following a time lapse of many decades, he would start off by finding him a wife. By doing so, Song would head out to his old friend, Ma Hong and receive a woman for his friend. Following this point, Song would generally support Jiang Ziya to his greatest potential, even though his friend had seemingly destined ill luck. Thus, Song's enthusiasm and optimism would soar to a rather high level. Following Jiang's ascension to Prime Minister of Mount Singing Phoenix, Song Yiren would not be shown again.

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