Friday, September 19, 2008

Yang Ren

Yang Ren is a character featured within the famed ancient Chinese novel ''Fengshen Yanyi''.

Yang Ren is a high ranking official within the Shang Dynasty and is known through the title of Grand Counselor. Once the Jiang Ziya "suicide" incident was at a close, Yang Ren would investigate the reason. Once a messenger headed to Chong Houhu explained the entire situation with Yang Ren, Yang Ren would discuss the issue with . As usual, King Zhou grew exceedingly angry over Yang Ren's logic and immediately demanded for his eyes to be gouged out as punishment. Once this process was performed, Yang Ren would lay on the ground in utter shock while covered in his own blood.

To save any further bloodshed from the loyal official, Yang Ren, Superiorman Insouciant of Mount Green Top, Purple Cave would rescue him with his Yellow Kerchiefed Genie. While Yang Ren was being held within the superiormen's arms, he would blow on Yang Ren's eye sockets and effectively awaken him with a pair of hands that had eyes within the palm -- rather than a pair of eyes itself. The superiorman would claim that Yang Ren's time has not been alloted as over under the will of heaven, and thus he will remain as a disciple of Insouciant for the remainder of his time.

Yang Ren was appointed as the deity of Jiazi Taisui Shen in the end.

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